Are you wandering around in your life not living your dreams?  Have you swept those goals under the rug or put them to bed and lost some hope?  I had slipped into that place in my life.  If you have, I would encourage you to stop, find a quiet spot and focus on yourself for a bit.  Life is too short.  Don’t stop living your dreams and don’t give up on those goals in life.

Week six of Summer Intensive at The Rocky Mountain School Of Photography (RMSP) is in the books.  It’s hard to believe I’ve been in Montana for almost two months.  What an experience!  Summer Intensive certainly lives up to its name.  It’s INTENSE.  Never ending.  We are eating, sleeping and breathing photography every moment of every day and night and it’s the best thing ever!  I have learned to push through with little sleep and stay focused on my agenda and goals.  The extraordinary culture in this school starts at the top and trickles down through the entire staff and they are ALL IN to help us achieve our dreams and goals.  They truly want to help us reach that spot in our life and career as a photographer and artist.  It’s simply amazing.  I have experienced some low points during this journey, but the highs are so abundant and overwhelming that it keeps me focused on the present and the wonderful future that lies ahead.   The friends I have made here will be lifelong.  There are so many amazing photographers, artists, friends and personalities here that are just overflowing with love and care for one another and for their work.

Last night was such an honor and thrill for me.  We had a two hour lecture scheduled and it was not just any two hour lecture.  It was with Peter Read Miller, The greatest sports photographer in the world.  He has enjoyed over 100 Sports Illustrated covers in his career.  He has photographed 8 Olympic Games (leaving for his 9th next week), 34 super bowls, 14 NBA Finals, The World Series, The Men’s and Women’s World Cup and the list goes on and on.  Not only does he produce amazing work, but he is a wonderful person.  And full of humor I might add.  I saw images last night he has taken over his career that bring back so many great memories in my life.  They are images that all of us sports fans still see being used in media to this day.

This past Friday we spent four hours together sharing our midterm slideshows as a group with staff and students in attendance.  We were given the freedom to photograph any theme we chose over the last several weeks.   We laughed a lot and we cried a lot.  It was amazing to see everyone’s hard work.  This is such a talented group of photographers and to see all that wonderful art put together just continues to push me harder to be better at everything I do and everything I want to accomplish in life.  I chose to photograph MACRO.  I chose this theme for several reasons.  Mainly, because I love it and because I knew it would present me with different challenges along the way.  I have included my slideshow here for all of you to view.  I hope you enjoy it.

I have a great balance in my life right now.  It has allowed me to focus on my dream and my goals in life.  There are many things contributing to this balance.  Such as wonderful encouraging and loving people in my life,  running in the mornings and simply time.  Time is wonderful.  I have learned to enjoy my time.  Quiet time is special time.  Live your dreams.  Stay Focused!!!!


  1. Shanna Blanton July 20, 2012 at 8:51 pm #

    Love it! Glad to see you so very happy and following your dreams! :)

  2. Katie July 19, 2012 at 9:04 pm #

    Yeah that was supposed to be a smiley face…no idea what kind of face that is!

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  4. amy July 19, 2012 at 12:59 pm #

    hey! i work for a hvac company in asheville and someone passed along your website to me from an email. we are a lennox company. anyway, congrats on your journey and best wishes!